Friday, June 26, 2009

On Sale July 1st: CHEW #2 and CHEW #1 (second printing.) PLUS: Layman signs at Illusive Comics in Santa Clara

Live in the Bay Area or near the Silicon Valley? Old Layman will be signing from 6:30-8:30on July 1st at:
Illusive Comics & Games
2725 El Camino Real Suite 105
Santa Clara, CA 95052

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CHEW #1 sells out--second print coming!!

Thanks to everybody who helped make this book such a surprise hit. And if you missed out, never fear... a second print is coming (the green logo, pictured right.)

The cannibalistic crime thriller, CHEW, sells out with a second printing on the way!

CHEW, the all-new crime series with a cannibalistic twist from writer John Layman and illustrator Rob Guillory, debuted to a near immediate distribution-level sell out despite a significant overprint, resulting in a second printing.

"I've been insisting for years that the comic book industry has been clamoring for more books with double page spreads of non-costumed characters eating soup, and it's gratifying to see there indeed is a robust market for such a book," Layman said. "Big thanks to everybody --retailers, readers and reviewers-- who came out in such shocking numbers to check out something new and different, and more than a little bit weird. Rob Guillory's amazing art certainly played a big part in attracting people's attention, so I want to thank him for his great work as well."

CHEW's star, Detective Tony Chu, is a cop with a secret. As a Cibopath, Detective Chu gets a psychic impression from whatever he eats. While it means he's a hell of a Detective if he can stomach the evidence, once his secret gets out the government makes plans for him, whether he likes it or not. CHEW blends horror, mystery and the strangest ability of them all in an ongoing series of horrific crimes solved in the most horrific way possible. Since its release the book has been receiving an immense amount of buzz with many retailers directly contacting Image for as many copies as they can spare. Even Layman's fellow creators have been talking up the book.

CASANOVA and Uncanny X-Men Writer Matt Fraction commented, "Of all the times John Layman has made me want to throw up, this was the best. CHEW is disturbed and disturbing and warped and grotesque and hilarious and horrifying-- in short, exactly the kind of book we were all afraid John Layman had hiding inside of him somewhere. Now when they find the bodies, we can all hold up copies of CHEW and say SEE? WE TOLD YOU THIS WAS COMING. Oh, and Rob Guillory is going to helllllllllll."

CHEW #1 2nd Printing (APR098373) and CHEW #2 (MAY090346), both thirty-two page full color comic books for $2.99, will be in stores July 1st, 2009.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


"CHEW is a great comic book – the type that grabs you by the ears, takes a bite out of your nose, spits it in your face and still leaves you laughing and hungry for more. After only one issue, it might be my favorite book on the stands. 9.5/10."

"The most unsettling, most awesome piece of comic book material that's been published in quite some time."

"How do I describe Chew? The perfect recipe for your comic book appetite: a healthy helping of police drama, a dash of humor, sprinkle in some action, and throw in some cannibalism for good measures. Chew has it all, just be sure not to read it on an empty stomach."

"...One of the most innovative and all-around successful ideas in the market today."

"Layman offers a story so flawlessly distinct amidst a bombarding and suffocating genre without any pretense; he has given this genre a much-needed gasp of air. Beginning to finale, Layman prevents CHEW from festering in clich├ęsand presents readers a refreshing, provoking and entirely entertaining new comic. Bon app├ętit."

"Chew blends a dark, compelling crime-fiction atmosphere, biting political satire and over-the-top, absurdist humor to arrive at an entertaining and surprisingly compelling bit of storytelling that almost defies description."


Thank you to everyone that picked up this book and tried something different from the norm. I love this industry and think that despite all the weird creative recycling that its been prone to lately, the best days of the comic industry are still ahead. There's still room for new, crazy ideas, and you picking up CHEW is proof of that.

And in a Soapbox moment: Who's to say that CHEW is a crazy idea anyway? This industry was built on grown men crawling walls in spandex, blue men with their blue penises flopping around and hairy midgets with metal shooting from their hands. It's only a crazy idea until someone chooses to accept it. Then it's all fair game.

And thank you, John friggin Layman. For bringing this unbelievably brilliant thing to a total newbie like me and trusting me with it. Seriously, I can't imagine a better collaborator, and I am completely spoiled now.

Now here's the thing: If you dig what we're doing here, then we need you to show love.

Spread the word. Post blogs. Share links. Twitter it. If you only have messenger-pigeons, then let them fly. We're putting all we have on the page to make CHEW the best book on the stands, indy or mainstream. But we still need you to sustain our little creator-owned baby. So if you dig it, why not tell somebody else about it?


Thanks again,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CHEW Release Day Press!

It's finally here! Go down to your comic shop and bludgeon your retailer into selling you a copy. Now.

And here's some new goodies for today:

CBR has the complete CHEW #1 script online now, so check it out after you get the book. Later on, we're gonna be doing a type of Director's Commentary on the first issue, so check back for that.

The IND, a newspaper based in my hometown of Lafayette, LA, has a nice (somewhat cheese-flavored) piece on the book, as well as a brief 3 minute bonus interview with yours truly. So if you have a thing for watching camera-shy geeks, shoot on over there. has an interview up, in which I talk a whole lot about the story and art. Probably my favorite interview we've done so far.

Comic Addiction has a short, very positive review of CHEW #1, as well.