Monday, July 15, 2013

CHEW SDCC 2013 FAQ--updated

Here is the Layman/CHEW SDCC signing schedule. Image booth, Booth #2729.

Please note: Bolded signings are signings with Rob Guillory. Non-bolded are sadder, more lonely signings, featuring only Layman, and not necessarily at Image.
Also: Hours of Image signings on Saturday and Sunday have been slightly adjusted.
WED: 6-8 Image Booth signing

10-12 Image Booth signing
12-1pm DC Booth signing
3-5 Image Booth signing

10-12 Image Booth signing
3-5 Image Booth signing

10-11 Image Booth signing
1-2 Panel: Image Comics and the Genre Fiction Renaissance, Saturday, 7/20/13, Room: 7AB
2:30-3:30 DC Booth signing
5-6 Image Booth signing

Sunday (note: No Rob Guillory on Sunday.)
11-1 Image Booth signing
1-2 Dark Horse booth signing (with Sam Kieth!)
3-4 Image Booth signing

•We have have 1000 copies of a DESTROY SAVOY CHEW #35, red foil/fluorescent yellow ink variant. $10.

•We will have 135 glow-in-the-dark Chogs for sale. $30. Selling 35 per day until we sell out. 1 per customer per signing. Please note: 350 of these will also be offered by mail order by Skelton Crew Studios, during or directly after the show.

•We will have 50 pink Chogs for sale. $30. 1 per customer per signing. These will also be available by mail order via Skelton Crew.

•We will be debuting RESERVOIR CHOG shirts in all sizes (also available at Graphitti boot.) $20

•We will be selling CHOG shirts in all sizes (also available at Graphitti booth.) $20

•We will be debuting stickers. 3 for $5

Not pictured
•Rob will have a SDCC 13 Poyo/Chogs-themed sketchbook. 100 copies. $10.