Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On sale 12/7/11: CHEW Omnivore Edition 2 and CHEW 22 (with two covers-- 50/50% split)

"This book just gets better and better - I don’t know how that is humanly possible, but it does."

"Forget the sophomore slump: the second issue of "Major League Chew" is a definite home run."

"Chew, once again, delivers the perfect meld of disgusting and delightful."
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"Guillory’s artwork... continues to dazzle. His details are amazing, his character design is exaggerated and hilarious but works for Layman’s scripts, and he does wonderful things with the coloring and the inking..."

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The new CHEW Chog shirt is available NOW for pre-order here. We'll be taking pre-orders through January 1, then orders will ship in mid-January. Take advantage of this pre-order price, as there's a good chance we'll be raising the price to $20 after the Jan. 1 deadline.

And of course, CHEW #22 and the Omnivore Edition Vol.2 are both in stores TODAY. In fact, both CHEW Hardcovers are on sale today for 45% OFF at, so you'd be an IDIOT not to pick them up at that price. This sale ends tomorrow, so jump on that!

Also CHEW Original Art is always available at

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