Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rob Guillory/CHEW nominated for two Glyph Awards!

Rob nominated for Best Artist and CHEW #27 nominated for Best Cover.

Full nomination list here.

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  1. Mr. Layman,

    I was reading The Pale King by David Foster Wallace and came across this paragraph on page 121. It sounded eerily familiar:

    "Tastes a Hostess cupcake. Knows where it was made; knows who ran the machine that sprayed a light coating of chocolate frosting on top; knows that person's weight, show size, bowling average, American Legion career batting average; he knows the dimensions of the room that person is in right now. Overwhelming."

    Have you ever read this (unfinished) novel? I love Chew and just thought I'd share this tidbit for whatever it's worth. You and DFW think alike, though to vastly different ends!