Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On sale 6/9/10: CHEW #11

"This is probably my favorite comic on the market right now."

"CHEW kicks off a new story arc in one of the best issue to date, packed to the gills with action, romance and of course, the consumption of blood, guts, and gore. Showing no signs of slowing down, only more hysterical and eclectic storytelling, CHEW continues to be a must-read for comic fans."
--Comics Waiting Room

"...Just as hilarious, depraved and entertaining as ever."

"It seems every time I pick up an issue of CHEW, I know before I even open it that I will be entertained. "


  1. Just picked it up, and I'm rather nervous. Years of fandom has left me with deep-set paranoia, and you've introduced an adorable/badass will they-won't they couple and . . . they actually got together. No stringing us along, no false starts, no fights over things that a five-minute conversation would resolve.

    I'm worried.

  2. XD I absolutely love the ending compared to the ending of the previous issue... genius!