Monday, March 22, 2010

CHEW: TOUR ITALIA is just days away!

To celebrate the release of BAO Publishing's Italian edition of CHEW: TASTER'S CHOICE (titled CHEW: MENU DEGUSTAZIONE) Layman and Rob are heading to Milan, and surrounding cities.

Look for this blog to be updated regularly (for a change) will all manner of beautiful, crazy, wonderful photos.

Here's our schedule (as far as we know, subject to chance, and all manner of alteration and additions):

Cartoomics 2010 Convention
Friday March 26-Sunday March 28
BAO Publishing booth (C06)
Milano, Italy!!!
Layman and Rob

Comixrevolution store signing
Monday March 29, 5:30 PM
Bergamo, Italy
Layman and Rob

Chew on This Panel, Spazio Paraggi
Tuesday March 30, 9:00 PM
Treviso, Italy
Layman and Rob

See you there!

You can follow the minutiae on Twitter at @themightylayman or #laymantoursitaly.

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