Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On sale 1/27/10: CHEW #8!!

"The hype, as it turns out, was understated for a title that is offbeat, zany, unsettling, and disturbingly enjoyable."
--Comic Book Resources

"No genre can attempt to claim CHEW as one of their own, be it comedy, police drama or general comic craziness, because this series will forever exist in a class all its own. If you are not reading CHEW, you are not enjoying comics to their fullest extent."
--Comics Waiting

"Another awesomely depraved and utterly hilarious adventure"

"Far from bad, but I can't say it blew me out of the water, either."

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  1. Whaaaa? Noooo, I went to the store yesterday to see if there was a new issue and it wasn't there. :(

    I love this comic so much! My fiance' borrowed some from me and lost them, so I bought them again. :) They are worth it. I love Tony.