Thursday, September 3, 2009

CHEW #4 Translation. Revealed!

Thanks to Mike Smith who was the first to correctly translate the mysterious Russian dialogue from CHEW #4. If you haven't read the issue yet, you may want to avoid this for now.

Page 17, Panel 1

“Nadya, No! Damn, what are you doing?”

Page 17, Panel 2

“My name is not Nadya, you disgusting little man.”

Page 18, Panel 1

“We made mistakes my dear. I do not think that these are our enemies.”

“The master warned us about the fat one. He is dangerous. “Savoy.”

Page 18, Panel 2

“Who is this little fool?”

Page 19, Panel 1

“What’s happening? Why are you doing this? “

“I will say no more. I serve the vampire. He is my master.”

Page 19, Panel 2

"We are looking for The Truth."

Page 19, Panel 4

"I don’t think so. Your government is interested in everything but the truth."

Page 19, Panel 5

“I am not my government. I am my own master.”

“Well I serve the vampire. He is my master.”


  1. Thanks for this, just got the latest issue, loved it. Don't speak or read Russian.

    Do speak AWESOME and this book is AWESOME!

    Rock the Eff on \m/

  2. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for this!! I may be late in getting into this comic, but I'm always glad to be able to understand dialogue that should come with subtitles. if I could only find some place online that translated the overload of Skrull speak shown during marvel's Secret Invasion.

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