Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The people have spoken!

(from Wizard #218)

CHEW #6 came out last week, as did the first CHEW TPB, "Taster's Choice." Here's what some people are saying:

"Combining comedy, intrigue and action is a proven recipe for a decent law enforcement drama, but "Chew" sweetens the pot with the most original, if disgusting, twist a comic has cooked up in some time." --MTV Splash Page.com

"This book continues to find new ways to laugh in the face of all social mores while simultaneously developing one of the more compelling and twisted narratives to be found on comic stands today." --IGN.com

"The wacky concept draws you in and the fun stories and satire keep you entertained, but it’s the well-rounded characters that will keep us coming back again and again." --Mania.com

"“Chew” is a comic worth reading, one that I plan to read monthly now, and that’s a pretty great thing. If, like me, you avoided this book for whatever reason, go buy this issue and join me in hopping on the “Chew” bandwagon... better late than never, right?" --Comic Book Resources.com

"Layman and Guillory are in top form in CHEW #6, an issue which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and tell your friends about one of the funniest books on the market today." --Comics Waiting Room.com

"Bland." --Newsarama


  1. This is an awesome comic that deserves the recognition it has received.

  2. It's an utter shame that this comic and its blog does not get more publicity. One of the more refreshing comic OR manga I have read in a long long time. Please keep up the incredible work.

  3. gonna buy the tradepaperback edition

  4. I just bought the book with issues 1-5 but I'm having a bit of trouble finding 6-8 anywhere local. Is ebay my only option?

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